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EXPERIENCE WORKING IN A NURSING HOME? DID YOU SEE THINGS THAT BOTHERED YOU?  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TELL YOUR STORY! As a whistle blower, for your protection you would be shown in shadow so that you are not recognizable.  You would need to sign a legal affidavit that your statements are true. We are only looking for true stories from real folks who've worked in these nursing home facilities.  You can live anywhere in the USA.

Do you currently or have you ever worked in a nursing home/facility on the front lines?  As a medical assistant? Tech?  Nurse? Admin? PA?  NP? Did you see any behaviors that were alarming?  A short staffed facility that lead to less than adequate care?  Neglect or abuse?  Or, management that was not giving staff what they needed to provide excellent care?  You will be paid up to $2,000 for your story. 

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS TO ANYONE YOU MIGHT KNOW WHO FITS THIS BILL. Referral fee of $100 if we use anyone you recommend.

Please email us NOW if you are interested at